Our Training

Provide holistic and sustainable skills development to previously disadvantaged youth, in 4IR.

Remote Pilot License (RPL)

This is a comprehensive course where students are provided with a Remote Pilot License for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS)

To complete this training you must have a valid SACAA RPL pilot license. People and Communication skills are key.


Our coding programs aim to develop previously disadvantaged individuals into coders who can create software.

Remote Pilots Certificate (RPC)

Our RPC course is designed to be fun and interactive with the emphasis placed on flying!

Internet of things

Individuals will be taken through understanding IOT, how it works and its application.

Artificial Intelligence

This course will provide an overview of AI concepts and workflows and machine learning


This course will explore the basics of robot design, control and behaviour through interactive simulations with robots.

Soft Skills Workshop

We offer Soft Skills workshops, that enables participants to master their work environment with cutting edge skills

Income Generation

We provide training in what a business requires to generate an income. Capacitating participants with the skills to do so.