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we upskill and train people with fourth industrial revolution skills

Who we are

Abaguquli means Transformers, translated from Zulu. It Is also our philosophy. We aim to transform lives through education and innovation. We are a Black, Women owned level 1 BBBEE registered non-profit company and nonprofit organisation dedicated and passionate about transformation.

Our Objective

To prepare youth for the fourth industrial revolution through training,information and access to opportunities.

Our Mission

To empower youth with skills to become financially independent and do freelancing, start co-operatives or their own business. Abaguquli offers a range of training interventions and managed and support services across industries.

Our Motivation.

With the 4IR era, high unemployment and high graduate unemployment, inequalities and poverty, we started our research with the World Economic Forum (WEF) reports and the trends out there. As per the WEF there will be significant job losses but also more created.
We feel there is a disconnect between the skills and qualifications youth have to the skills required especially with the focus on 4IR.

Abaguquli equips unemployed youth with skills required to not try and enter the job market but to make them financially independent and work anywhere in the world even remotely. There is already a high number of unemployed graduates who cannot find employment which means we need a different model, a different approach.


Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)

Remote Pilots Certificate (RPC)

A readiness competency course, for students to learn the fundamentals to operate their unmanned aerial vehicles safely.

Remote Pilot License (RPL)

This is a comprehensive course where students are provided with a Remote Pilot License for Unmanned Aerial Systems. It isan accredited SACAA license.

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS)

To complete this training you must have a valid SACAA RPL pilot license. The focus is on air to ground communication technology and sense-and-avoid technology, this is SACAA accredited license.

4IR Training.

Programming and Tech

Digital Marketing

Video & Animation

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We aim to transform lives through education and innovation.

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Abaguquli is a Public Benefit Organisation, a section 18A Non Profit Company
237-536 NPO