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About Us

Why we work so hard for a brighter future

Abaguquli4IR Pty Ltd is a registered Level 1, BBBEE all women-owned company that offers 4IR critical and scarce skills in the digital and technology sector. We offer an online, onsite and hybrid model using applied training and learning models. Our objective is to provide skills to improve the lives of individuals and contribute to a healthy economy!

~ Aasiyah Adams, CEO


Our Most Popular Courses

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship training and workshops online or hybrid – we provide digital entrepreneurship training, by giving Entrepreneurs, digital tools, tips and skills to:

  • i. Women in Business
  • ii. Unemployed graduate students
  • iii. Creatives and Artists
  • iv. Kid Entrepreneurs

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Artificial Intelligence Software Developer

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Artificial Intelligence Software Developer Artificial Intelligence Developers build AI functionality into software applications through integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic into the deliverables of an IT project.Developers teach the machine to solve problems the way a human would through the use of programming. They create, test, and deploy code. These developers also assist in converting machine learning APIs so that other applications can use them

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The individual will learn mathematical concepts and programming tools to design, build and program robots that solve industry-relevant and real-world problems.cIf you are excited about exploring a career as a robotic Engineer or to manage robotic automated systems then this is for you or precision agriculture or aerospace and other engineering.

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Our Latest Features

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Group of friends laughing together that represent Mandisa Sishi.

"Thank you to Abaguquli for empowering possibilities and giving me the chance to showcase my creativity & I have learnt so much and appreciate the time you spent teaching me new skills and useful 4IR programs."

"I feel I am ready for the next steps that will bring me closer to my goals, to Aasiyah, thanks for your guidance, Prize & believing in my business 👏🏼"

Mandisa Sishi