Our training programmes

We offer a wide variety of training courses from QCTO accredited and vendor specific training programmes to short programmes such as Cloud Computing and Ethical Hacking.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship training and workshops online or hybrid – we provide digital entrepreneurship training, by giving Entrepreneurs, digital tools, tips and skills to:

  • i. Women in Business
  • ii. Unemployed graduate students
  • iii. Creatives and Artists
  • iv. Kid Entrepreneurs

Digital Business Conferences - we provide expert panel and speakers and 4IR experts to enlighten our guests about the trends and future of technology.

Digital strategies and digital transformation – we advise companies on digital strategies and assist them to migrate for the best solution for their specific business as well as project management service

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QCTO Accredited Training

Data Science Practitioner

6 months

The main focus of the learning in this knowledge module is to build an understanding of the concepts of data analytics and the application of data science and analysis in the economic sectors.

Data Science Practitioners take custody of data and make the data available in a structured form for the Data Scientist to use. They support the data life cycle by collecting, transforming, and analysing data, and communicating results in order to solve elementary business problems.

They transform data into robust, comprehensive data sets, aligned with the problem identified in the statement of work and ready for storage.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Developer

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Artificial Intelligence Software Developer Artificial Intelligence Developers build AI functionality into software applications through integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic into the deliverables of an IT project.

Developers teach the machine to solve problems the way a human would through the use of programming. They create, test, and deploy code. These developers also assist in converting machine learning APIs so that other applications can use them

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Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Analysts apply the practice of protecting assets such as networks, computer systems and information assets from malicious attacks and threats.

They assess and mitigate risks and potential intrusions and identify risks and vulnerabilities. They study existing techniques for managing security issues and maintaining the security of information and systems in the working environment ensuring legal compliance

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Vendor Specific Programmes


This training provides the knowledge and ability to become a successful entrepreneur in the technology sector within the fourth industrial revolution.

Through experiential learning methodology, they will develop relevant and practical skills in technology venture creation, business model innovation, product marketing, sales process and business management framework.

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Java Programmer

Learn java from the basics up and advance your way to become a java developer.Identify and implement client side and integration technologies.

Learn how to create and manage your own java applications with the java course. It allows for transition into a new skill set.

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Short Programmes

Cloud Computing

3 months

One of the 4 in-demand jobs in South Africa – and the ‘non-traditional’ skills companies are now looking for when hiring is Cloud Computing. This is specifically for individuals who does software application development.

This includes: conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing to maintain and create applications, frameworks, or other software components.

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Ethical Hacking

3 months

Cyber security have become one of the critical skills globally. This will be one of the required skills in 4IR. In this course, you will learn the techniques and concepts for ethical hacking and penetration testing.

This course will provide learners the ability and understanding of threats, security vulnerabilities, factors and tools that can be leveraged by malicious hackers to target individuals and organisations.

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6 months

This is the era of robotics and automation. The fourth industrial revolution is about robotics, science and the harmony between humans and robots, even humanoids.This course is the beginner course into the robotics program.

The individual will learn mathematical concepts and programming tools to design, build and program robots that solve industry-relevant and real-world problems.

If you are excited about exploring a career as a robotic Engineer or to manage robotic automated systems then this is for you or precision agriculture or aerospace and other engineering.

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CompTIA A+

6 months

This PC Technologies generally results in specific set of actions or the creation of tangible results, from software application, a web page, or even image displayed on the computer screen.

This course prepares learners to do the CompTIA A+ exam. PC Technologies is a aimed at those who wish to become PC Technicians. On completion theywill be able to repair and upgrade hardware as well as support and troubleshoot software and operating systems.

They will gain skills in creativity, with technical and analytical elements. Programming represents a perfect merging of art and science.

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Remote Pilot's Certificate (RPC)

Our RPC course is designed to be fun and interactive with the emphasis placed on flying! This is not simply a competency course, students will learn the fundamentals, the foundations that will ensure they have the knowledge and skill to operate their unmanned aerial vehicles safely.

Our aim is to get the student flying more confidently and equip them with the necessary skills to operate legally for any noncommercial flying. The RPC gives students the opportunity to enter the drone industry at a much more affordable price point.

It also gives the student a good indication as to what will be required if they were to pursue an RPL. This is the ideal course to get the student flying confidently and an obvious first step towards obtaining their RP.

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Remote Pilot's License (RPL)

This is a comprehensive course where students are provided with a Remote Pilot License for Unmanned Aerial Systems. When designing the RPL course we had 2 main objectives:

Firstly, to comply with the SACAA curriculum for Part 101 and secondly, we looked at what was available and streamlined the process so that students could get comfortable, learn to fly quicker and safer.

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Advanced Cinematography

The Film Industry is a highly competitive market and one of the most exciting industries to be in for any unmanned aerial vehicle pilot. There is however a great deal of knowledge and expertise pilots need to acquire in order to compete in this space.

This course is a must for film professionals who want to specialise in aerial cinematography. Using the latest technology, we offer students the opportunity to fly ‘on location’ at our outdoor flight area which has man made and natural features to hone the skill

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Aerial Mapping & Surveying

This training course is outcome based. The objective is to teach the student the process and procedures to use a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Agisoft and Global Mapper software to execute a topographical survey, process the data and generate the deliverables.

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RPAS Precision Agriculture Course

Taught by experts in the agriculture industry this course introduces students to remote sensing technology in precision, crop science, crop economics, data collection including processing and delivery, understanding the farmers decision process, who and how to approach farmers with your services and working with independent crop consultants. Students will work in a live environment using autonomous flight mapping applications.

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This course teaches how to design whiteboard and animated explainers, video editing, 2D and 3D animation, traditional animation, motion pictures. We teach them the method where visuals are designed, layouts are added, and photographic sequences are used to imply activity.

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